Scientific Journal

ISSN 2222-7849


Latest edition

  1. Introduction of Some Cpecies Eremurus Bieb. and Gladiolus L.

    Pages 4-10

    O.V. Ibadli, N.B. Huseynova, S. G. Guliyeva

  2. Treatment With Gibberellic Acid Improves Post Harvest Quality and Vase Life of gladiolus Cut Flowers (white prosperity)

    Pages 11-17

    S.Faraji , R.Naderi , O.V.Ibadli , Sh.N.Gasimov, N.B.Husenova

  3. Shattering Flowers and Vetch Berries in Some Little-Spreading Grape Grades Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

    Pages 18-21

    M.R.Gurbanov, Ъabbar Наъафов

  4. Impact of Inter-Row Distance on Biometric and Yield Indices of Remontant Raspberry Varieties

    Pages 22-26

    M.R.Gurbanov, A.I. Guliyev

  5. Structural Features and Culture of Some ExoticKinds of Plants Introductive in Absheron

    Pages 27-35

    A.Bayramov, Sh.Gasimov, Z.Islamova

  6. The Investigation of hereDitarily Rolling Yield and Variation in Hybrid Grapes of first Generation

    Pages 36-45

    V.S.Salimov, M.R.Gurbanov

  7. Brief History Introduction Rare and Disappearing Kinds of Trees and Bushes of Azerbaijan

    Pages 46-53


  8. The Little-Spreaded Native Grape Grade of Tula Gezi Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

    Pages 54-60

    D.S.Najafov, M.R.Gurbanov

  9. Impact of Pruning on Morphostructure and Yield of the Raspberry Varieties Introduced to Ganja-Gazagh Region

    Pages 61-65

    A.I.Guliyev, M.R.Gurbanov

  10. The Forest-Plantation Condition Zoning of Azerbaijan

    Pages 66-72


  11. Medicinal Value of Water – Marsh Plant Savalanskih Mountains

    Pages 73-80

    Jabir Sharifi, S. Gasimov, Adel Jalili

  12. Current Condition of Vegetation of Winter Pastures in Qobustan Massif

    Pages 81-85


  13. Kur-Araz Lowland Type of the Water Basins Formation Formed and Assosiations

    Pages 86-90

    M.Q. Musaev

  14. Growth and Development Dynamics of some Introduced Trees and Shrubs from the Mediterranean Flora on the Absheron

    Pages 91-96

    E.Y. Aliyev, Dzh.N.Nadzhafova

  15. Algological Studies of Water Bodies of Azerbaijan. II

    Pages 98-108

    Sh.J. Mukhtarova, S.K.Jafarova

  16. The Classification of Life Forms of Lichens of Azerbajan

    Pages 109-114


  17. Explanation of Some Proverbs and Sayings About Some Plants Which Have Treating, Food and Technical Importance

    Pages 115-120

    A.T.Mammadov, O.V.Ibadli

  18. A new method of lighting the main indicators of growth and development of woody plants

    Pages 121-126

    S. Q Garayev

  19. Some of the world experience on the use of climbing plants in landscape design

    Pages 127-131

    A.D. Mehralyev

  20. Introduction of some Asparagus Species in Absheron

    Pages 132-135

    M.F. Farziyev

  21. Growth of Eastern Asian Kind of Hackberry in Absheron Condition

    Pages 136-139

    K.A. Mammadova

  22. Structure of Beech Stands in the North-Aastern Slopes of Great Caucasus

    Pages 140-145

    A.B. Yakhyayev